Apps for journey, business and notes

Next our topic is devoted to the trip and business apps for Android smartphones. However, speaking about females and their sophisticated taste, it is important to advice them the most appropriate apps for their devices. These apps will help them to do notes, to navigate the path in unknown location, find special accommodation according to the personal needs. Let’s come to the full list of the most popular ones.

For Journey.

MAPS.ME — Offline Maps.

This app is for free. It allows to use maps to all locations giving the full information fast and easily without internet connections. The navigations is step by step and assist the user in the best way to reach the destination.

Yandex. Taxi.

Tani app offers to make an order with one click only, without calls and connection to the operator, useless waiting. A lady should not recall many times to taxi-parks with asking for unoccupied auto. The app searches the taxi around you, that is why the driver will pick her up very fast.

TripAdvisor: hotels and restaurants.

This app has million of reviews from travellers and photographers from all over the world. They share their opinions and expressions about the place they visited. Hence, it will be easier for your lady to book any room, or hostel, or hotel, to find the most interesting places in every country, to search for the cheapest air tickets, to find the most delicious places.


One of the most convenient app for web and for smartphones. The design is so user friendly that your woman will be able to find the accommodations easy and fast during her trip abroad. She will be able to choose from 2,5 million of variants in 190 countries and even more. There are many categories, as pricing, region, comfort level, and others.

For business and for notes.

Alarm Clock.

This wake-up clock has a view of elegant clock simplicity and intellectual algorithm of signal working. Signals are easy to activate, thus this app is flexible to range the signal according to the needs.


Beautiful design of this timer allows to observe and to use every option. For example, this app will assist your lady in cooking or sport, or other occasions when she needs to check the time.

Wunderlist: to-do list.

Is very helpful to accomplish tasks, plans, and business for people all over the world. It is possible to share the information with other people who installed the app to their smartphone.

Google Keep — notes and lists.

This app allows to make a note about ideas and plans immediately, to fix the time and needed piece of item in the calendar. Thus a notification will be sent to announce the event. The voice notes are more comfortable to keep the time. Google Keep will transfer the voice note into text. A picture of a receipt, announcement, document will be sent to the storage automatically to find them easily afterwards.

Google Calendar.

This app is connected to your Google account, phone contacts, email. Hence, each day will be profited with Google Calendar to make plans and not to waste a minute. This app represents multiple useful options with beautiful design.


Very popular among business people who appreciate their time and like to store many useful things. Wonderful storage for all kind of information. There is not need to search what device you saved the data, Evernote will save everything in the best order.

Habits Tracker Loop.

This app will help to find and to keep the most useful habits to live a live in full: to keep fit, to eat healthy food, to do sports,and many others. Detailed pie charts and stats will demonstrate your step by step success.

We hope our advices will be helpful for you. Don’t be afraid of modern technologies and to be in tune with times. You and your lady can arrange your life in better way with the help of magnificent device and to devote more time to your relationship. So go ahead and try some of them by yourself, you will like it definitely.

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