Apps for purchase and for landladies

Let’s continue our useful block about apps for Android smartphones. Women all over the world carry their smartphones everyday, so do Ukrainian women. Thus it’s better to find some essential apps to enrich their time spending with a gadget instead of senseless scrolling.

Two sections are offered: for purchase and for landladies.

For Shopping.

Expense tracking.

This app allows to provide easy recording af all expenses with beautiful and modern design.


This is a pocket storage for all discount and bonus cards, your lady may use it instead of stuffing ones into her wallet.

AliExpress Shopping App.

No comments to explains the usefulness of this universal store, your lady will have an opportunity to shop million of goods with search by categories, brands and prices.


Clothes of last trends, shoes and accessories, cosmetics and perfumes of the most famous international brands a woman is fond of: Nike, Adidas, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Reebok, New Balance, Asos, Mango, New Look, Top Shop, LOST INK, and many others.


Fashion goods for males, females and children for each occasion and affordable price for all sizes. Here your woman may find the multiple search option with convenient filters. Make her shopping easily.

IKEA catalogue.

This apps allows to download the updated catalogue and other publications of IKEA . Try this out and be inspired to offer your lady to create a new cosy interior for your home!

For Landladies.

Landlady.  Receipts and advices.

This app will help women about the house. How to treat children, how to cook and how to do shores accurately to keep the energy and live life in full. Here are million of various interesting life hacks and tips, extraordinary decisions for a cake or an urgent someone’s party look or something special for cosy home.

Purchase list – Buy Me a Pie.

Userfriendly list for purchasing goods in a special order. A woman will make it and control it carefully. The app will remind her to buy everything you listed. Forget about paper notes and use Buy Me a Pie app, save the time and money.


If an ordinary inbuilt flashlight in a lady’s smartphone is not enough for her, she may check this app out! Additionally – get flashing and stroboscopic mode.

First Aid Kit.

Over 7000 instructions to various medicines. There is no need to store the paper ones. This app will help your woman to find the necessary very quickly.

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