The most unsuccessful messages for dating during the quarantine

Love in the time of coronavirus

The quarantine and social distancing is a good chance to go on communication or even to start new relationships. Of course, right now you can’t go to the café or your favorite restaurant but you can communicate online, you can stay in touch with your lady and know each other better. At the same time, communication online may be a little bit difficult if you are a fresher so we have some great tips for you. Just follow these simple pieces of advice and you will be able to win her heart and to find love.

Don’t make yourself a pseudo virologist or pandemic expert

Don’t make yourself a pandemic expert

There are so many people who know everything about coronavirus, treatment, and so on. Are you one of them? Let this job to the doctors and pandemic experts. If you’d like to talk about the coronavirus, ask your lady, how she feels, what her emotions are. However, there are so many pleasant themes to talk about and to discuss. Talk about nature, traveling, holiday, hobbies, and sport. Bring positive and bright colors to your life and find out what you and your lady have in common except for the quarantine and coronavirus.

No need to push her

Make sure that your relationships are in progress and have a future

Make sure that your relationships are in progress, that’s a principal thing. Right now you have just started to build relationships and it’s better to move on step by step. Show that you are caring and devoted, be open, and patient. Let her understand that you really care about her feelings. Your task is to show her that you are on her side and you are doing everything for her to feel comfortable, you are not pushing her. She will appreciate this and your relationships will develop.

Don’t cross the line

Remember about the borders and respect her borders

Be ready to take what she is ready to give. Remember about the borders and respect her borders. You are interested in a lady so it’s high time to think about her need. A lot of people choose social distancing so respect her choice. You will be able to write the message and invite for dinner later. If you have never met before and you don’t know the lady pretty well don’t write that you are waiting for her in the café or you are coming to her country next week so let’s meet. Find out what she thinks about this first.

No intimate proposals, especially at the beginning

No intimate proposals at start

From the very beginning let’s find out what your aim is. If you are looking for serious relationships, you would like to meet your future wife or build long-lasting relationships so it’s better not to ask about sex in the very beginning. You will feel when it’s right time for this, when she is ready she will show you. When you start asking intimate questions at the start of the correspondence, few ladies expect this. Show her that you are a serious man and your intentions are pure.

Quarantine is serious, don’t forget about it

communicate now and wait until it will be safe to meet

If you decide to meet with a woman, you should remember that the quarantine is serious and it’s better to meet in person later. Go on communication and wait until it will be safe to meet. It’s very important to take care of your health. It’s very common when the lady lives overseas so you can plan the visit when the borders are open. In some situations, it’s better to wait because right now nobody knows when the borders will be open and when the whole world will be able to travel without limitations. Right now stay home and stay safe.

Caution with photos, pictures and immature humor

Caution with photos, pictures

People are different and you should remember this. Choose and check what pictures and photos you are sending. You have to be careful with humor, that’s important. You may make a woman sad with some pictures that seems cute to you. First of all, think about the lady’s feelings and reaction. Don’t forget that women and men are different, women are more sensitive and emotional. So the reaction may be different, predict it.

Jokes about COVID-19 are inappropriate

Jokes about COVID-19

People take the situation with coronavirus differently. A lot of people don’t think that it’s a problem. Some people try to stay at home. Send messages with funny stories about coronavirus and the quarantine to your friends. You will be able to laugh with your lady later when you meet. Right now choose neutral themes for corresponding and messages.

We do hope that our article and the pieces of advice will help you to behave right and now you know what to write and what to discuss. Use these helpful tips, especially, when you want to achieve a positive result with the lady and to be a couple.

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