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Health applications for female

Back to our smartphones theme we’d love to define you some useful apps for females who are fond of Android platforms and use Google Play to find something special there. Women adore to read, to analyze, to monitor the data, that is why it is important to offer some good apps for fun and for knowledge.

By all means women used to read a lot how to stay fit, how to keep the healthy life line, schedule and how to enrich their everyday life. Unfortunately, the internet is full of unlimited sources of doubtful information. Hence, not to waste the time in endless search, we propose you our chart of apps for body. Be sure, you woman will definitely like them! Besides they shouldn’t care about smartphone memory.

Fitness app 30 days fitness plan30 days fitness plan.

This is a set of physical exercises to train at home or wherever you want. It is being recommended by a professional fitness trainer based on a scientific researches. This is a fitness plan for 30 days scheduled to gain success in fit and health. Considered as the best user friendly fitness app of 2016 and recommended by Google Play for self-development.


App for body Weight loss personal trainer

Weight loss personal trainer.

This app is your personal trainer for fat losing. It helps getting rid of hunger or overeating, emotional eating, and many other barriers. This app methods are the best in scope of contemporary time, using the latest arguments and best recommendations, notifications and awards. Probably this is the best friend of each lady who wants to become fit.

Fitness application To lose weight in 30 days.

To lose weight in 30 days.

This app helps to proceed a lesson course of 30 days to lose weight correctly and to benefit with a perfect body. All you need is to do simple exercises each day. But no gaps, for 30 days.



Female app Women’s calendar

Women’s calendar.

This is one of the best Google Play apps to monitor the periods, ovulation, fertile windows for females. This qualitative app has attractive and user friendly design, multiple options allow to make all analysis in appropriate and easy way. We definitely recommend this app for women.


Diet app Calorie Counter and Food Diary

Let’s lose weight together. Calorie Counter and Food Diary by MyNetDiary

The next popular app for losing weight and for keeping fit. Our best recommendations.


Weight loss app aktiBMI

Body bass diary — aktiBMI.

How to calculate Body Mass Index the app will explain easily. Charts will demonstrate how many kg you need to lose or to add to achieve the best weight result. Additionally the app includes weight control diary to fix all your attempts and results on the way to the perfect body.


Best food receipts.

One of the biggest receipts portal: the app offers to try more than 100 thousands. All receipts have photos, reviews, comments, and estimation option.
Health and fitness app Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio.

This app is very convenient to study yoga at home. Basic course for those who never tried but wanted to do that so much with professional video and pose description.



If you have a specific product set in a fridge, this app will pick the most appropriate receipt for you to try. Put all ingredients from the fridge to the app, and find out what is better to cook for today.

So as you see, such apps are not only entertaining but educative and lead to healthy life. Your woman would be very pleased by such attention and you become closer to each other.

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