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Dating dish can affect to a person

Special family holidays are coming, and we at UaDreams are preparing all our acknowledgment and gratitude to all people surrounding us. Let them be you, our relatives and parents, friends, and pets. Why not to talk about the food? Everyone knows as old as Adam proverb that the path to the man’s heart passes through his stomach. Does it really matter? Can we consider food to be one of the most significant parts of a relationship? Can a dish affect a person to be prepared for?

Special family holidays are coming, and we at UaDreams are preparing all our acknowledgement and gratitude to all people surrounding us. Let them be you, our relatives and parents, friends and pets. By all means, we cannot exclude the food from the list. Everyone knows as old as Adam proverb that the path to the man’s heart passes through his stomach. But why it is so? Does it really matter? Can we consider food to be one of the most significant part of relationship? Does a dish can affect to a person to be prepared for?

To have the whole picture understandable about the situation and food impact to romance in relationship between couples we decided to analyze 3 million dating profiles and around 300 million primary messages with mentioning food. Actually, we drew attention to the mood changes if someone talked about food related phrases. And, of course, we interviewed seven hundreds of single men and women who shared their concerns about food matter in dating interaction.

Here is the result. In most cases, proving life statements, we should say that we are what we eat. When people use food preferences and requirements for searching for their match, they notice some common things that influence further interaction between them. Apart from that, we agree that a sense of fullness makes people calm and less irritable. Food gives a positive effect during a date: you have a topic for conversation and you are less nervous, except the time when you realize that you shy with using sticks or a spoon while eating an exotic dish. Wanna have some takeaways? We prepared a bit for you.

1. The top of all the Thanksgiving has been distinguished by daters.

Of course, 51 percent were ready to agree that they eat much on this eve, as the meal is as tasty as possible. Not only that one a mama prepared, but supermarket and restaurants offer the biggest variety during the holiday. Around 30 percent of interviewers were glad to have Christmas as a tasty holiday and only 2,5 percent agreed to have Easter in their life to please their stomach.

Favourite Meal for Holidays

 Thanksgiving Day  51%
 Christmas  30%
 4th of July  8%
 Easter  2.5%

2. Speaking about food preferences make you more attractive among other daters.

By all means, mentioning tasty food makes your conversation more vivid, the interlocutor has a topic to talk about and initiate more talks in future. If a person is passionate about food, that makes him more interesting. Namely, you can tell a few words like potatoes, guacamole, coffee, bakery, chocolate, roast chicken, and they will definitely influence how many messages you will receive further. According to the results, it’s better to write about roast chicken than fried chicken, letters with roast ones get more answers. Alternatively, stewed fish will attract more ladies to a man’s profile with the aim of speaking more about healthy food.

Best variant food mentioning in dating profiles

food messages increasing
burgers 102%
chicken 101%
coffee 89%
soup 70%
suchi rolls 68%
pasta 65%
bakery 55%

Worst variant food mentioning in dating profiles

 food  messages increasing
 potatoe  -60%
 fried meat  -21%

3. Continuing to speak about the healthy food category, daters mentioned protein.

Indeed, this group of food has been named the most often. See below:

Protein 41%
Fruits 35%
Vegetables 18%

4. Foodies are sensuous and seductive

Foodies with their talks about tasty meals influence incoming messages as well as about cooking something delicious. For instance, the word “foodie” has been found around 80% in dating profiles and the word cook in 25%. Thus, you can handle people who like to eat, sometimes they don’t care how to prepare the food, but you mustn’t be hungry!

5. Food will slightly help you with dating though

It’s a fact that food will increase incoming messages, how to do everything right? Would you like to have a perfect date, write about different things not only food? That will make the right impression. Instead, the “eggplant” mentioning very often during a chat will help you to know a person better. Hence, you should choose the right word to operate with the topic and to match your beloved.

In fact, do everything right and use right words and your chances of getting a reply will be higher.

6. Vegetarians are also normal people

Actually, according to the research in 2015, people who adore meat get more answers. However, nowadays the year of 2017 showed that this is a privilege. At least you can receive 51% more replies at once to be an experienced vegetarian. As you see, two years made a big difference as well as for vegans. People who use the word vegan in the correspondence gets 59% more messages.

7. Fast food for the first date is good for men only, but not for women

Almost 60% of women will prefer something nicer than fast food centers during their first date. What are the reasons? They are not expensive. At the same time, a lot of women prefer healthy. They are easy to reach. They are easy to get someone for the first date meeting. As for the last suggestion, 25% of women agree. In addition, as for the men – over 49% would choose fast food for their first date hanging around.

Of course women were asked what would they do if they were invited to such restaurant. They answered that they would give a chance anyway. They will not judge them, but 10% would blame those men who were previously unattentive when a lady mentioned she did not liked such food at all.

Men would totally support the idea of having such a perfect date. Anyway, they may offer an alternative for both.

8. “ The Hellish Kitchen”

Yearly this show in Ukraine motivated women from all cities and towns to discuss the various ways of cooking. Sometimes they could not miss every single show and used to talk about with everyone. Actually in Ukraine women like to cook very much, that is why it is important to please a man with preparing tasty food for him.

Daters used to discuss the show as well, and if they mentioned the name of the show in the profiles, incoming messages increased very quickly.

However, your woman may have other interests and chooses other shows. Probably you will direct her to your preferences.

9. Seafood is suggested for the first date

Probably the first date is the day when you may do what you’ve never done or haven’t done for a long time. It’s time for refreshing bright emotions and try some exotic food. Hence, seafood is the best way to pamper your stomach. At least 18% of online single people chose seafood for their first date. The second position, 15%, takes the steak.

Below read some funny facts about food and daters.

– Men used to get as much fun as it is possible from eating a good steak. Women, put on notice.

– Millennials prefer Japanese or Chinese food.

10. Be careful with buffalo

You are having a first date and you are choosing what to order. Choose something simple, something that you eat every day. It’s better to leave for later something new and unknown for you and for your stomach. Who knows the reaction? You’d like to have a perfect first date so do everything right.

11. Strawberries, ice-cream, chocolate or milk-shakes were chosen as the sexiest food ever

10% of daters offered to mix chocolate with strawberries. Apart from that, they recommended to try white chocolate with nuts and pine-apples. 15% of men and women liked ice-cream with banana or blueberry. 20% adores desserts panna-cotta and tiramisu.

Great part of daters, over 31% likes fondus (chocolate or cheese), 19% – lasagna and 7% – adore to eat ravioli, easy, cheap and tasty.

Namely, UaDreams, as international dating agency, investigates the tastes of our members, thus the team cares about personal meeting in Ukraine, offering the best cafes and restaurants to try different kind of food. Thus, it is better to discuss all preferences with your date while you communicating on a distance to make a meeting in real unforgettable with truthful expectations.

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