How to find love online?

try to find true love on online dating site

A lot of people don’t believe in success of online dating. However, there are men and women in the world who have found their love in internet and are happy now.
No matter what type of dating you choose, you can face difficulties. Meet people with ill nature, dishonest people or those who have unacceptable ideas about life… And suddenly fortune smiles upon you and you meet somebody who is your perfect match! You feel care and attention and see that you have mutual aims. But dating online sometimes mean facing especially many challenges. How to avoid them and make your online dating smooth?

1. Be yourself

If you want to find a person who matches a real you, be real. Write in your profile on a dating site what you really like and dislike. Show your sense of humor, if you are a joyful and not boring person. Do you have some controversial points of view on something? Then express your opinion when you communicate with people online. Be unique and share your thoughts and stories. This is how you will attract people who have similar views, appreciate your sence of humor and rejoice at your presence. And this is the first step to your love.

2. Start with a great attitude

Be ready to devote your time and energy. Meeting a lot of people in real life takes much time. You have to go on many dates and spend time with your new acquaintances. Online dating is a more rapid way to meet somebody, but it still takes time. The main thing is to continue meeting new people and trust them again and again, no matter how you have been disappointed or hurt in your past. Always be positive!

3. Tell what kind of person you are looking for

It is great when a person can show how unique he or she is, it will surely attract people. However, your new acquaintances want to know how you imagine your second half. They try to recognize themselves in your description, so make this part of your profile engaging.
Don’t lay down your demands too harshly, but write that you will be very glad to meet a person with certain features. Describe the way of life of the person you are waiting for. Write how you would like to spend time together. For example: «I dream to meet the rising sun with you on Tahiti, and it will be the most wonderful morning in our life». And be sure that people who like to sleep till midday will not even contact you. Or write: «We will dance the whole night» — and you will find a person with similar habits. Imagine your life together and tell about it in your profile.

4. Have a video chat or a phone conversation before you meet in person

You can write several e-mails a day, but one look is worth a thousand words. That’s why you should certainly hear the voice of your new friend or better to see her or him online. Only when you see your interlocutors eyes and smile, you will feel chemistry between you. Or you will understand that there is no chemistry. If this is the case, it is a good indication that meeting in person isn’t worth your time.

5. Be confident and happy

Only the lazy would not wrote in various psychological publications that you have to love yourself to be able to love another. Be an interesting person for yourself, so you will be interesting for another.

Play tennis, read exciting books, dance, cook, do yoga or swim. You cannot turn your relationship into a only one way to be happy. Of course, another person can fill your soul with feelings, but you have to be the first to fill yourself with joy and happiness. Being happy yourself, you will never attact grizzlers and unlucky fellows. Joyful, confident and content people attract the same friends — joyful and happy. And this principle regards not only online dating, but real meetings as well.

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