How smartphones affects on human’s health

How smartphons affects on human's health

Up-to-date technologies push us to have an optimized life, and the speed grow each day.

People appreciate their free time, and they know how to do several things simultaneously with various marvels of engineering.

However, do all gadgets are so friendly as we consider them to be?

Let’s get to the point within smartphones.

Expert say that they doubt about smartphone’s inoffensive usage. Many of them state that they are really dangerous.

Healthy Living is the source we refer to. They said that there are 8 reasons you should be careful with often smartphone usage.

How often you meet your friends and relatives who can’t stop from checking their phones for any notification or aimless scrolling the feed? Every 5 minutes. The dependency has become a serious problem in contemporary world. According to multiple investigations there are 8 physical and psychical exhaustive health issues.

Books have been replaced by digital devices. However books calmed down and prepared a person for a good sleep. Instead gadget with its small but bright screen light irritates the circadian rhythms and cause insomnia.

Besides they lead to hard psychological diseases. In 2015 Journal of Behavioral Addictions published the article about one investigation that demonstrated that students who spent many hours sleepless hours with and using their smartphones experienced difficulties with health more frequent.

One cannot exclude the radiation in mobiles. Scientific studies appeared about specific examination of emitting radiofrequent energy, namely, we are talking about non-ionizing radiation from antennas and if some bodies parts and their tissues are near the device, in particular near antenna, waves may affect the skin and damage it.

The duration of each call becomes longer, people use their devices for talking every single minute, chatting and using device within charging it. And you probably know that it is not recommended to use the device if it is connected to the power. Such side effects of smartphones may provoke cancer and other hard diseases.

Another investigation impact the skin irritation, dermatitis, creeping eruption in areas near chicks and ears. The reason of such difficulties are nickel, chromium, and cobalt contained in mobile phones.

If you use your gadget more than 6 hours a day, most probably your hands and fingers will suffer from such dependence. What is more, doctors say that they have patients who experience “smartphone pains” caused by the constant usage of such devices.

Dermatologists marked that smartphone is threatening to a skin with premature ageing. A person uses his smartphone so often that his neck leans low. This causes a gravity pressure to the skin, and hence, wrinkles appear. Eyes suffer from dryness, blurring of vision, redness, and from burning feeling. Each experienced smartphone user is aware of such symptomes.

Scientists from Virginia state of the USA discovered that prolonged usage of smartphones by adults causes hyperkinetic and hyperactivity syndromes. Although these characteristics are fixed mostly according to children.

However, in spite of huge danger, we have good news for you. Smartphones cannot be more dangerous than microwaves. Even if the smartphones radiation is emitting, the technology develops so quickly that even now we may think about reducing of any harm.

Smartphone cannot kill you, let us say it has the same chances like unhealthy food, smoking or other bad habits. What is your point about the matter? How do you think, should people use their smartphones more often to get in touch or they’d better go outside and do something else? Share your opinion in comments, let’s have a serious talk about it.

Since we cannot imagine our life without smartphones as it is better to be in touch all the time, we still recommend to be careful with frequent usage of any devices. Come closer to your darling, ask her to date! Probably it is better to combine live communication with your beloved and stay connected via mobile device, draw the line between the limits and profit with a warm talk and sincere interlocutor.

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