What phones do people who want to date use in Jan 2020?

what devices were the most common in October 2019

We are ready to share very interesting information with the users. Are you ready to guess what devices were the most common in October 2019? Would you like to know more about the most popular smartphones? And the most intriguing question, why is it so principal to know? Here is the most interesting and important information. If you’d like to find the answers, read more in our article.

TOP 10 mobile phones for dating in October 2019.

So the most popular devices among the users were the Apple iPhones. In fact, they are 36.8 percent of all users. The second place is for Apple admires as well but for those who prefer Apple iPad. The users who use an iPad is 7 percent. The third line is occupied by Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 lovers. However, they are only 1.3 percent of all people who are looking for the second half. Huawei EML-AL00 P20 is used only by 1 percent of men and women. Samsung SM-G960U Galaxy S9 isn’t as popular as Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 but it is on the fifth line. Samsung SM-G960F Galaxy S9 is in sixth place with only 0.6 percent. The smartphone Samsung SM-G965F Galaxy S9+ helps 0.5 percent of users to look for love in the net. Huawei ANE-LX1 P20 Lite is less popular than the model Huawei EML-AL00 P20 but is still in Top 10. You’ll find the smartphone Samsung SM-G955F Galaxy S8+ on the ninth line, 0.5 percent of the responders said that they used it. The last in our Top 10 survey is Samsung SM-G935F Galaxy S7 Edge, this model attracted 0.5 percent of users in October 2019.

Top 10 mobile browsers for dating Oct 2019.

It’s high time to get to know about mobile browsers that are the most attractive for people who want to date. The first line is for the Safari browser, it’s not a surprise because you remember Top 5 gadgets and the Apple leaders. All together for iPhone and iPad Safari browser takes 40 percent. Sometimes iPhone users prefer Chrome but that’s only 1.6 percent. Fourth place with 1 percent is taken by Huawei EML-AL00 P20 with UC Browser. Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 with 0.9 percent takes fifth place and is followed by AppleiPad with Chrome Browser. The eighth line with Samsung SM-G960U Galaxy S9 and the ninth with Huawei ANE-LX1 P20 Lite have Chrome Browser and 1.1 percent for both. The last place in the Top 10 with 0.5 percent is occupied by Huawei ANE-LX1 P20 Lite with Chrome.

Mobile device OS version for Dating.

Talking about the OS version for dating we should mention that nine of the top ten are occupied by Apple iPhone OS. The most popular version is 12.4.1 and takes 10.2 percent of all people who want to date. The second line is for Apple iPhone OS version 13.1.2 that takes 8.8 percent of users. The bronze medal is also for Apple iPhone OS 13.1.3. Other Apple OS versions like 12.4.1, 412.4.2, 13.1, 12.4 take around 2 percent. Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 with its OS version 9 is only on the ninth line and is followed by another Apple representative 12.3.1.

Some researchers say that people prefer to date to people with the same tastes and preferences. How this information can help you? As you can guess people with Android prefer to get acquainted with people with the same gadget and iPhone admirers would choose the partner with the Apple gadget. Will you believe, nobody says this for sure until he tries himself. But the most critical thing is a broken screen, if you have one, you have a very slim chance to get acquainted.

The date and the statistics are kindly provided by the website UADreams.com.

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