Mobile communication in Ukraine

It-s easy communicate with girls in Ukraine by mobile

While planning your trip to another country it is vital to understand how to stay in contact with another person easily. Sometimes lack of the information cause many discrepancies during a visit. We hope this information will come in handy for you to understand how exactly the communication system in Ukraine works.

Ukraine has a properly developed system of mobile communication apart from the internet services. For example, National Commission on Communication Regulation of Ukraine is the body that regulates the whole connection machine. If yesterday Ukraine welcomed 3G internet, today this country is happy to receive the 4G digital era!

Such major mobile operators are Kyivstar, Vodafone, Lifecell. In particular, last two of them are well-known MTS Ukraine and Life Ukraine. And they are under severe debates who is the best among all Ukrainian citizens.

To reach Ukraine you need to know the international Ukraine mobile code: +38
Afterwards don’t forget to use the mobile operator code that precedes the phone number of your interlocutor. For example, for Lifecell (Life) it is 063, 093, 073. For Kyivstar – 067, 096, 097, 098. Accordingly, for Vodafone (MTS) – 050, 066, 095, 099.

That is why do not forget to adjust all these codes for Ukraine mobile phone number to use Ukrainian mobile connection.

The most popular ukrainian mobile operatorsSuch major mobile operators are Kyivstar, Vodafone, Lifecell. Indeed each of them has custom settings according to the region of the territory of Ukraine and the pricing depends on it. Incoming calls can be free of charge, whereas incoming calls are allowed by prepaid package. So if a foreigner arrives Ukraine, he is able to buy a SIM card for his smartphone for domestic or international usage. Such packages are available in every shop that sell mobile devices, various gadgets, and prepaid cards or you may find the shop contacts via the internet.

All mobile operators offer appropriate pricing for international calls, for example on a regular basis. Hence, women used to call whoever they want and have a good talk three pounds odd.

That means you are able to contact your woman easily or she may call you as well.

This year the level of mobile connection became better, besides even roaming is available by all Ukrainian operators.

Kyivstar is the oldest mobile operator and it offers the most prominent packages, however, instead vodafone and lifecell has different coverage. For instance, they offer a monthly prepaid packages from 45 to 135 UAH per month. Besides, you may purchase a yearly contract package 300 UAH the cheapest in Vodafone. Keep in mind that contract packages allows unlimited talks with the numbers of the same operators. As for others – they reduce the price per minute. So it’s up to you which option to choose. Lifecell is still experiencing bad internet connection in a subway. But is give the opportunity to speak with no trouble in a countryside.

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