Smartphones for gift in Ukraine

Connecting people became more convenient with the help of various gadgets digital era performed to humanity. You may call to each other and see the face of the interlocutor! It evolves you to the live talk, something we have ever haven’t.

Whenever your beloved likes texting or chatting, using apps and messengers she would be available via good and reputable smartphone that will work for her for years.

The task is not simple and we know why it is so. Since there are lot of requirements as to the megapixels, screens and phone memory we gathered all good features together to help you with choosing the best smartphone for your lady. Besides, this is a good option to be in touch every day.

If you do not know what to buy, you should buy iPhone.

However you shouldn’t this we are pushing you to be overcharged. By all means we understand that each model of this smartphone is more expensive than ordinary ones. But we know that women addicted to Apple products more than ever and men have no other choice but purchase.

And we can accept the idea of good and stable usage of such device. We think you won’t be happy of receiving the Chinese SSD gift that your woman hardly worked money for.

So which one? We recommend to start with 32Gb, namely iPhone 6. Simple and small ones like 5s and SE are not convenient for video watching and they have some issues with camera (only front) and typing the text.

We think to refuse of iPhone Plus, its too huge for a lady and for its 5,5 inches. iPhone 7 32 Gb — 17999 UAH

iPhone 6S 32 Gb — 15499 UAH

iPhone 6 64 Gb no options for 16 Gb, its too old) — 9890 UAH

Android and Apple products are detected in the most outstanding debates according to the platform characteristics. However, we understand that different in-built services any iPhone includes will attract any user.

Those models we offered to you are based on usability for a woman’s hand. The device should not be too big, it may give the opportunity to tap with one hand only.

Finger scan, photo and video quality will attract your lady, firm jar will save her gadget from the smallest dust and damage. The con is one only – she will be able to use only one SIM card.

Secondly, we advice you to try with Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung is the top of all devices who offer marvelous photo and video quality as well as the screen resolution. This is a total satisfaction of a perfect movie or a good realistic game. Covered with aluminium it looks gorgeous and is definitely safe from damage.

Eight general processor units and 4 Gb of random access memory allows users to have a convenient storage of most significant life moments. The screen with a diagonal 5,8’’ and a resolution of 2960 x 1440 with 570 pixels display will please your woman with the most realistic colors!

Interface allows to switch any headphones, bluetooth provides more additional options, and USB gives a possibility to charge the battery in the most convenient way.

Does it have a negative side? The one only – slot for one SIM card and flash-card. In Ukraine the price is 22999 UAH.

The third option for your lady can be Huawei P9 Lite.

The price for this model goes down slowly – 10120 UAH.

This device makes the whole image clear. If the intelligent look is important for your woman, it is better to choose this gadget for her. She will be happy with 8 general processor units and screen of 5,2’’. The random access memory takes up to 3 Gb. The cover is made of metal that polishes the total look of the smartphone.

User friendly, fast and furious with internet and gaming.

Your beloved woman will appreciate to make as many photos as she can – the result will be outstanding. Camera of 8 megapixels is a new pride.

Battery is economic and serves for a long period. However the slot is supposed to use for the second SIM card and for storage unit.

This is just our point of view as to the tendency of usage among Ukrainian women. They remain up-to-date with evolving technology and they like to be pampered with attention. So probably it is better to prepare them a gift you will never regret as she will be connected with you 24/7!

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