The enginery from the past

Ukrainian collector of old fashioned things

A Ukrainian woman have been gathered over 1000 retro-gadgets during 3 years.

Not everyone remembers that gadgets looked in different way ten years ago. Besides, someone hasn’t even seen them. Being curious about this topic one Ukrainian lady decided to investigate the history of modern gadgets and to collect some particular items in her apartment.

Referring to, the main thing she has been proud of is the oldest things: the photocamera produced in 1936 – Photocor #1.

retro cameras

Kharkov city has a very famous character, Tyotya Clava (namely Aunt Clava or well-known as Karina Yephanova). She has been engaged in collecting the objects of great rarity. Today she is proud of more than 1000 items a girl is dreaming to place in special order and to turn to a museum. made a short talk with Clava about her precious things and she shared some secrets of her entertaining life.

Tyotya Clava is a 23 year old extravagant lady from Kharkiv. She chose this character occasionally however she referred to the keyboards (in Russian a keyboard is “clava”).

She came to meet journalists in an elegant vintage polka-dot dress with bright accessories and handed an old case with antique and old-fashioned things – telephones, keyboards from first computers, and others. It was difficult to imagine this lady working at auto repair station, but now she adores various equipment that was vital during times.

retro telephones

Tyotya Clava could not explain her love and passion in two words, she explained that being a child she was encouraged by interest to different techniques.

“I can feel sense in retro: vinyl gives a better sound than MP3, and to listen to the music from turn-table is a real magic” – she said. “I was curious about people living in those times, how they worked, had a rest, entertained. They did splendid digital things.”

Her childhood was excited by the first items she got: audio cassette recorder and tetris. She received many gifts from others but only 3 years ago she had started to collect such things seriously. She has 125 mobile phones produced till 2005, more than 40 photo cameras, over 40 laptops and computers, computers bodies and plateaus, more than 50 audio recorders and players.

Besides, she has a great collection of cassettes and disques.

The top of all is the photocamera of 1936, Photocor #1, first mobile phones Benefon Sigma Gold and Nokia 121 of the year 1992, 25 year old computer Macintosh LC2 and laptop Texas Instruments TravelMate 4000E with OS Ms DOS. A girl shared that her friends helped her a lot with collecting and repairment.

She has a perfect experience in pricing and places where to find rarity things. Mainly the are sold on various central jumble markets, garage sales, bring-and-buy sales, and others. Sometimes she received items for free, sometimes her relatives made her gifts. But the hardest work is to search through the internet. She estimated her collection with $2000.

After serious talk with the correspondents a lady rushed to the postal office to get the parcel with 5 old telephones.

The storage of Tyotya Clava is her own apartment. So if you live in Kharkiv or if you are a guest of this city you are able to see the collection during yearly exhibitions of rarity things.

It is difficult to gather all this to the event, that is why Clava never refuses a help as many items are really heavy. She is dreaming of personal museum of rarity enginery, that is why nowadays she is in search of a place and a funder. “This should be a easy contact museum to touch things and to try them, to press the buttons of old keyboards and to play old stations” – emphasized Clava with sparkling dreaming eyes.

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