Exceptional smartphones in Ukraine

Although Ukraine is considered as a third world country, it becomes stronger each day. Tourism is one of the branch that develops very quickly, so men from all parts of the world come to sightseeing, walks, culture acknowledgement, sport competitions, dating, and many other options to entertain themselves.

Probably some years before you had no idea how to make order for a taxi, excursion, pizza or book an apartment. However today it is possible to do in two clicks. All kinds of up-to-date services became available for others as well as shopping in Ukraine.

Apparently, people who come from other European countries, used to say that food and clothes are really cheaper in Ukraine. But recently another fact had appeared. You may purchase various gadgets (tablets, smartphones, computers) for a good price here as well. Ukrainians are really modern people, they know how to follow trends. Certainly, women are are really excited about innovations come from well-developed countries. You should not wait for months to receive the most desirable smartphone model, it is delivered as soon as possible.

We think you should know some facts about exceptional kinds of smartphones that affect Ukrainian women to death! They would encourage you to look forward and see the success development in all life spheres! If you think about a cool gift for women, let’s analyze the last models of smartphones the technology offers us in the nearest future.


R&D Core design studio combined two the most popular tendencies: sensor screen and compact size. Drasphone is created with the help of super modern technology of flexible display, that is why the device can be folded up to three turnings. Unfolded it looks like a tablet, in folded up look it takes a pocket-size.

The following configurations:

  • general
  • minidras (folded partially)
  • microdras (folded totally)

Even if its folded, the notifications and widgets work perfectly.


Russian company Yota Devices produced smartphones with unusual design and surprised the world. Mobile devices combined two kinds of technology of screen building what affected great interest of the audience all over the world and during 24 hours after the release the company fixed 3000 orders.

The front YotaPhone 2 display is an ordinary 5’’ inches AMOLED Full HD display. However speaking about the backward panel – it is a monochrome 4,7’’ inches screen with the resolution of 540 x 960 pixel created with the electronic ink technology. Hence, the battery saves the energy pretty much longer and demonstrates all significant information: time, widgets, notifications, messages and etc. A 4 general processor units smartphone works in LTE networks.


Kristian Ulrich Larsen decided to distinguish his creatures from others with the quantity of screens. His new concept Triple Display Flip received three displays, each of them is produced with the Super AMOLED technology, covered with protecting glass Gorilla Glass, and ready to work in full.

It is possible to fold the smartphone up as a monoblock, as a book or make it as a tent. The producer assumes that the such device has unlimited options using all screens altogether.


Google makes the top of all with the Project Ara representing a whole construction kit. A user can set the smartphone up by himself using electromagnets and makes changes with processors, cameras, battery, panel color grade, and many other options. Various custom modules are also possible – motion detector, starlight camera, and etc.

However, there are some difficulties the developers faced with: the basic frame is too thick (12mm) and insecure modules fixing. That is why the project has been frozen for a time, nevertheless it encouraged other companies to build something similar.


Exclusive module smartphone has been released by ZTE company. The gadget can be easily set with 4 parts: screen, processor, battery and camera. Such configuration focus on possibility to change any detail whenever you want and make the device more contemporary. All details fix each other with the magnets, the design is really attractive and is called as technodesign, all modules are covered with transparent caps and assemblies. This way the device looks like a real construction set.

Probably you would like to surprize your lady with some interesting facts about technology and unusual gift for women, right?

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