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The enginery from the past

February 21st, 2018 0 comments Ukrainian collector of old fashioned things
A Ukrainian woman have been gathered over 1000 retro-gadgets during 3 years. Not everyone remembers that gadgets looked in different way ten years ago. Besides, someone hasn’t even seen them. Being curious about this topic one Ukrainian lady decided to investigate the history of modern gadgets and to collect some particular items in her apartment. Referring to, the main thing she has been proud of is the oldest things: the photocamera produced in 1936 - Photocor #1. Kharkov city has a very famous character, Tyotya Clava (namely Aunt Clava or well-known as Karina Yephanova). She has been engaged in collecting the objects of great rarity. Today she is proud of more than 1000 items a girl is dreaming to place in special order and to turn to a museum. made ...
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