15 honest tips for female members from male ones of a dating site

A lot of women are afraid of online dating. However, it is possible to find love there and never be involved in scam. Here women will find a lot of tips written by men how to feel good while meeting other people on the internet.

Following these tips will help women to feel relaxed and enjoy their correspondence, chats, and personal meetings. Indeed, there is nothing to be afraid of. You just have to be attentive, go easy, and take delight in the process. When there is a will, there is a way. So read our tips and start your successful dating!

What do men want from women on online dating sites

There are more single women than men on dating websites so our tips will be for ladies. This is the reason why I would like to talk about pieces of advice for women, how to feel good being a member of a dating website. How to find love and never be involved in scam or any love affair.

Probably such an article will help each side not to be hurt with life promises and expectations.

So, ladies, it’s time to know them:

  1. Think carefully and feel the moment of a first date. Your first letter, your first video interview. He is just a man but not a father of your three cute children.
  2. Self-confidence is a plus but not always. Some women write “if you are gonna marry me then be direct” or “If you wish to be with me than post more beautiful pictures.” It’s better to show that you are tender, carrying, and loving.
  3. Leave your pieces of advice for the future. Both of you have recently met on the website so you do not know a person as well as advice something.
  4. Try to be interesting and vivid. When you are talking to a man, say directly and be a good listener if you listen to the answer. Be involved in the conversation.
  5. Be sincere. Be confident if you enjoying the communication. If you adore horse riding or reading – that’s good. However, a lot of women like this. Be special and be proud of what you are. Scammers never pay attention to this item while filling any profile, that’s why taking into account such details makes sense.
  6. Go on your search and you’ll find your ideal match, that’s for sure. It’s better to think about future relationships but not what you had in the past. When you break up, that’s not the end, this is the beginning of something new and great.
  7. Take care of your look and your status. If a man pays attention only to your sexy clothes, what does it say to you? What intentions does he have? Serious ones? He would accept your game and enjoy playing. What will you get? Sex. However, you are looking for serious relationships and marriage.
  8. Try to explain your personality. Use everything: words, pictures. Answer the questions in your profile. Show that you are interested, show that you are an interesting person and you would like to meet a man. A man will pay attention to the profile where he gets information. Feel the difference.
  9. Pictures without Photoshop editing. If you have some primary pictures, they can be nearly perfect but not unnatural. Just imagine what a surprise a man can get if he sees the difference between the top model look and someone he does not know. The face should be the same. Show your inward beauty and inner world, you are interested to be unique. Show you, and only you.
  10. Men are against head shots. You should post the whole height picture. The head shot shows just some part of you but the man wished to know more.
  11. Make your pictures clear for men. When you are on the photo with other people, explain where you are.
  12. Be initiative. Don’t be afraid to make the first step just because you are a woman of conservative views. Be active and do the first step. He (a man of your dream) would better read: “Good morning! How are you?” Start doing something and change your life, use your time correctly.
  13. Keep in mind: your first impression is what you are. There is one chance to make a first impression. If you like a cat, it’s better to have one picture with a cat but not 12. Also, one picture with your real emotions and natural moves or position makes sense, but not in a “Strike a pose!” way.
  14. Build relationships with one member of the website. Of course, you may communicate and get to know each other better. But now I mean serious relationships. You take seriously to one person you have chosen – this is your chance to develop and to work on it. Do the right things and make the right choice.
  15. Women, do not accept direct and strict critics

Isn’t that very brutal? However, that was the truth.

Be open to your wishes. Be open to your interlocutor. Be honest to him as well as you are honest to yourself.

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