Dating tips on how to break the ice online

how to break the ice when meeting a girl online

Do you know how to break the ice when meeting a girl online? It’s a core question for building an interesting dialogue that could lead to the offline date or, perhaps, long-lasted relationships in the future. The wedding agency UaDreams collected the best tips for men on how to break the ice on dating sites.

Start with some simple topics.

For a first conversation choose simple and light topics like hobbies, sport, common interests, vacation plans et cetera. Serious issues like politics, religion, and traditions could scare her off. Don’t be in a hurry; leave hard talks for the future, when you get to know each other better and would share your opinion in such core and important themes.

Keep positive mood.

You good mood is a clue for good communication and breaking the ice online. Try to avoid complaints on your boring life, pollution, work or politics. It’s a bad idea to complain all the time, unless you want your collocutor to avoid you.

No time for jealousy.

Remember the main point – since you are only at the initial stage of your relationships, you shouldn’t be jealous when communicating online. Don’t control her all the time, it could be humiliating. You could break the ice of her mistrust only if you are patient and intelligent interlocutor.

Laughter and humor are great.

Be funny and try to amuse your woman – for breaking the ice while online dating you could tell her a joke or a funny story from your life. But remember, don’t overdo it and respect her dignity and don’t use the “toilet” humor or jokes on age, gender and nationality grounds.

Learn to listen.

Remember that it is important not only to talk about yourself, but also to listen to your woman, answer her questions, and ask her the same questions from time to time. You beloved woman should understand that you are interesting in her and need her not only for small talks, but for serious relationships.

Watch the time.

Your woman isn’t your property; she has a lot of things to do. So, if she does not respond right now to your “Hello, how are you” you shouldn’t write her tons of blaming messages. She could be at work or do her house duties, or whatever, so, don’t behave like an idiot and you will break the ice with a girl in a couple of days.

Grammar is also important.

Woman like guys who could write a short message without grammar or orthographic mistakes. It is important to keep track of your grammar, because it’s hard to break the ice if she thinks that you are a uneducated person.

Do not try to repeat.

Dating online allows you to chat with different girls simultaneously, but we highly recommend: don’t ever think about it. Sending the same letters or messages to different women is the wrong way for finding the special one.

Do not disappear for a long time.

If a woman is interested in you, and started a conversation, try not to be lost for a long time, and not leave her questions unanswered. Be a good interlocutor for her – this is the only way to break the ice with a girl and to develop your relationships online.

Therefore, following such simple advices, you could break the ice on dating online in any dialogue with any woman. UaDreams is ready to help in the beginning of communication with Ukrainian women who are searching for serious relationship. Register easy on the site, fulfill a simple questionnaire and start chatting with amazing ladies that are waiting for the man of their life. You could start with an online chat and after it could be a beginning of your personal love story.

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