How to Impress Russian Women

Ways How to Impress Russian Women

When we are in love or have a person that we like and adore, we always try to show our best features of character, we try to impress and sometimes wish to seem better than we are. When you build relationships with a woman from another country, you should know more about mentality and culture so you will know how to act and behave. Right now we will answer your question of how to impress Russian women. What exactly should we do to impress the Russian lady:

  1. Show that she is very special, be attentive and take care
    A Russian woman likes to get a man’s attention and likes when a man takes care of his lady. You may do some of her duties so you will show that she can rely on you. You may give her small presents and it will be a sign that you think about her and try to make some nice surprises for her. Organize a romantic date and show her that spending time together can be really fun, that you have much in common and your future together will be bright and full of positive. Keep in mind that even the strongest woman wants to be taken care of by her man.
  2. Be a gentleman
    That means be polite in every situation, to be polite when you go out and to be polite when the door closes. Give more than get back, ladies appreciate this. Let your deeds follow your words and your words follow your thoughts. Believe it is very important for Slavic women and this is the best way to impress Russian women.
  3. Dress well to make a good first impression
    A lot of men don’t care much about their appearance and clothes but women do. Girls always pay attention to your clothes, hair, and shoes. Your clothes should be neat, your hair cut and shoes cleaned. At the same time, you should remember that clothes don’t make the man but the first impression is very important. Psychologically, we are dependent on the first seven-second impression of a person, which is 70% of our opinion on his appearance. Let the impression that you make be positive and bright, it will be a good start.
  4. Compliment your lady
    Women get turned on by what they hear, use this to impress her. Be sincere telling nice words about her appearance or clothes. Russian women always feel if men tell what they have to or if they speak with all their hearts. There are a lot of things that you can praise. To Impress Russian women talk about her femininity, elegance, goodwill, sociability, an extraordinary mind, a magical voice, patience, sympathy, caring and much more.
  5. Accept her decision
    Stay polite and take her choice. Don’t forget that women can have mood swings and she may change her mind very fast. The lady may say no but then to have a change of heart, it’s so natural for Russian women.

Follow these simple pieces of advice and you will be able to impress Russian women, to build the relationships with your special one and to create a happy family.

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