Why are Russian women beautiful?

about Russian women’s beauty and appearance

It’s not a secret that Russian women are pretty and all men around the world know about this and adore Russian ladies’ beauty. A lot of men prefer to date to the girl from Russia and would like to have a Russian wife. However, you may ask yourself: Why Russian women are so desirable and special? They are indeed special and here are the reasons:

  • Genetics.
    Different cultures and different nationalities mixed makes all Slavic ladies look so special. Remember your school History lesson and you’ll find the answer easily. Russian land was invaded by many tribes and later nations so the way ladies look is mostly because of their ancestors. To tell the truth, nowadays a lot of nationalities live on the Russian territory and each minority has some appearance features.
  • Ability to present themselves
    Russian women would like to be beautiful, they like it when men adore and compliment. So ladies from Russia pay attention to their appearance, they think carefully about the makeup and clothes, they think carefully about their look before they go out. Although, women like to compete with other women and that’s why they do their best to look great. By the way, your Russian beautiful lady will be pretty and with full makeup not only when you go out, as usual women prefer to have makeup and to wear nice clothes at home just for the very special man.
  • Education
    Ladies choose to study and to get a good higher education, that doesn’t mean that all of them will devote their life to the career but they like to be intelligent. Being smart and educated is a social demand nowadays and Russian ladies understand that to be only pretty is not enough to be happy. After the man likes the woman’s appearance, it’s high time to talk and to discuss different themes and women would like to be ready.
  • Inward beauty
    Sophie Loren said: “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical”. Yes, to be beautiful doesn’t mean to look great, to have makeup or dress well. Russian women’s inner beauty attracts even more than their beautiful eyes or tender lips. Ladies’ features of character like faith, empathy, passion, kindness, optimism, reliability, gratitude and many others make women really beautiful and desirable.
  • Natural food
    Eating natural food and homemade products is good for your skin, hair and body in general and beautiful Russian women know about this. They choose food of good quality and they prefer to be healthy and to look great using the power of nature that surrounds them. Healthy lifestyle and keeping fit are in favor and this is one more plus to unbelievable Russian women’s image.

We do hope to help you to answer the question about Russian women’s beauty and appearance. You can see that it’s not a myth and there are a lot of extremely pretty Russian ladies whose inward and outward beauty attracts men like a magnet.

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