Stereotypes about Russian women

Western stereotypes of Russian women

Let’s talk today about stereotypes and to begin with we suggest answers for the questions. How do Russian women look like? What are the most common features of character for Russian ladies and how do they usually behave? Of course, all the answers will be individual and based on your experience, age, and knowledge. We live in a world that is changing all the time and our impressions are different from those that we used to have some time ago. There is no doubt that works of art and cinematograph influenced a lot and brought us some images, the ones that they have depicted in their work of art. Let’s name top 5 stereotypes about Russian women:

  • Russian ladies want to do men’s jobs. That would be right but if we talk about women 40 or even 50 years ago. Women and men used to be equal in the jobs that they did and women were eager to drive tractors and to work hand in hand with men on the same plant doing the same jobs. These days women are famine, they leave men’s jobs for men and they are happy to divide the jobs into a job for men and women.
  • Women from Russia have blond long hair and ideal body. A lot of men think so because there are a lot of bright blondes who are famous around the world. A lot of men know a tennis player Anna Kournikova and a singer Svetlana Loboda, they are extremely pretty and blonde at the same time. Of course, there are a lot of talented ladies with fair hair but at the same time you know a lot of brunettes and they are brilliant, intelligent and skillful. Do you know Irina Shayk or Yuliya Snigir? They are both brunette and famous.
  • Russian girls pay more attention to their appearance. Every man knows that women in Russia pay attention to their make-up, clothes, and skin. On the other hand, they prefer education and to have a rich inner world. They read a lot, they study hard because they prefer to train their body and mind.
    Russian women are housewives only. Some of them are and they are happy to be housewives and at the same time a lot of women find themselves working. Even though some women don’t work but they are still socially active, they prefer to be into charity, to help sick and old people, to take care of homeless dogs and cats. However, women’s choice to work is mostly for helping the husband to support the family financially.
  • Russian women don’t speak English. Nowadays, more and more women learn English, German, French, and other languages. After the former USSR changes came to school education and learning foreign languages on a high level becomes a must. To meet a Russian woman who speaks good English isn’t a problem anymore.

We dispel the myths and showed you that the world is changing every day and some judgments become stereotypes in our modern world. Don’t believe myths, make your impression, stay open and change with the world.

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